Our Upcoming Venture


Our upcoming film is called, "Paranormal Trackers: House of Ages".

Genre: Horror/thriller.

Status: Pre-Production.



The Executive Team


Dorian Sean: Director, Screenwriter, Casting Director, Composer.

Sophia Devine: Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematography Coordinator.

Malcolm Harrison: Cinematography and CGI supervisor.

Maria Elena Sanchez: Associate Producer, Screenwriter, Composer.



Why Paranormal Trackers?


Numerous Films have been created in the past several years to explain the inexplicable and unknown phenomenon, the paranormal activities.


We have taken a step ahead to track them, what they are? Why do they come to us? What's their motive?


Our team holds an out-of-the-box thinking approach when it comes to filmmaking, whether it's direction, screenplay, or cinematography.